Range Rover LWB Goes Make in India; Prices About to Fall Up to 56 lakhs!

Range Rover LWB

For the first time, the famous Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are going to be put together right here in India. Owned by Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has shared that they’ll start making some versions of these luxury cars locally. This is a big deal for them and it’s all part of an effort called “Make in India” which encourages companies to produce things within the country to help grow its economy.

By assembling the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models in India, there are quite a few perks coming our way. Prices will go down significantly, which is great news. On top of that, we can expect better quality and more options to customize these SUVs just how we like them. Waiting times for getting one will also drop, plus this whole thing means more jobs for people working in this area here at home. It really shows how much folks here want luxury SUVs like these from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), marking India as an important place for their business.

Benefits of Local Manufacturing for Indian Consumers

By starting to make Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models right here in India, there are a bunch of cool things that’ll happen for folks who live here. For starters, the prices of these fancy SUVs will go down quite a bit. This means more people can afford them without breaking the bank. On top of that, this move is going to create new jobs in our area which is great news for our economy and helps everyone out by giving it a little boost. Lastly, with these cars being put together locally, buyers get better quality and even have the chance to tweak things just how they like them – making sure they’re super happy with their purchase.

Shorter Waiting Times for Delivery

One big plus for folks in India buying locally made stuff is they don’t have to wait as long to get their hands on it. Before, if you wanted a Range Rover or Range Rover Sport, you had to wait ages because they were shipped from the United Kingdom. But now that they’re putting them together right here in India, the waiting game isn’t nearly as long. This means people can start enjoying their dream car way sooner.

This is really good news for those looking forward to diving into the luxury and top-notch performance of Range Rover models without all that waiting around. Plus, getting your car faster makes the whole process of buying it smoother and keeps customers happier. So whether you’re in New Delhi or anywhere else across India, getting your hands on a new Range Rover LWB model just got a lot quicker.

Economic Implications: Job Creation and Local Industry Support

By starting to make Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models right here in India, Jaguar Land Rover is doing a lot more than just adding fancy cars to the market. This move is really good for our economy because it’s creating jobs and helping other businesses grow too. With these new factories, there are lots of opportunities for people who can work directly with Jaguar or as part of the bigger circle that supplies parts and services.

On top of this, when more people buy these locally-made luxury vehicles, it’s not just car sales that go up. Shops that sell them see better days too, leading to even more jobs being made available across the country. In short, by making high-end cars like Range Rovers in India through initiatives like “Make in India,” we’re seeing a big boost in how well our economy performs.

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The Impact of “Make in India” on Range Rover LWB Prices

The “Make in India” campaign is really shaking things up for the Range Rover LWB models’ price tags. Thanks to starting production locally, these fancy SUVs are about to get a lot cheaper—by as much as Rs 56 lakh! This big drop in prices means more people can think about getting a Range Rover LWB, helping the brand grow its presence in India.

Before this change, bringing these models into the country made them pricier. But now, with building them right here in India, it costs less to make each one. So, customers here can look forward to enjoying all that luxury without having to spend quite so much money.

Analyzing the Price Reduction: How Much Will Buyers Save?

Now, buyers can save up to Rs 56 lakh on the Range Rover LWB models with the introduction of local manufacturing. This price reduction makes these luxurious SUVs more accessible to a broader range of customers, offering them an opportunity to own a Range Rover at a more competitive price point. The savings can be reinvested in additional features or used for other purposes, providing buyers with added value and flexibility in their purchasing decisions.

Comparison with Previous Prices and Models

When we look at how the prices for locally-made Range Rover LWB variants stack up against their older versions, it’s clear there’s been a big drop in what they cost. Here’s how things stand now compared to before:

  • The Range Rover LWB HSE used to be tagged at Rs 2.92 crore but now you can get it for Rs 2.36 crore, saving a cool Rs 56 lakh.
  • For the Range Rover LWB Autobiography model, what was once priced at Rs 3.16 crore is now available for just Rs 2.60 crore; that’s another whopping reduction of Rs 56 lakh.

With these changes, buying one of these fancy SUVs has become much easier on the wallet than before thanks to local assembly lines rolling them out here. Not only do buyers save money with lower price tags on these models or variants, but they also get top-notch quality and more ways to make their ride unique – all making the Range Rover LWB an even better pick if you’re after luxury combined with performance and good value in India.

Detailed Overview of Range Rover LWB Features


The Range Rover LWB is a dream car for many, standing out as a luxury SUV packed with top-notch features. It’s built to offer unmatched comfort and stellar performance. Let’s dive into what makes the Range Rover LWB special:

  • Vehicle Specification: With its robust engine, plush interior, and cutting-edge tech, the Range Rover LWB easily overshadows its rivals.
  • Luxury and Comfort: For those after ultimate relaxation on the road, this SUV comes with massage seats, electronic air suspension that smooths out bumps effortlessly, and adaptive dynamics for an optimized ride.
  • Infotainment System: On board is a high-tech infotainment system providing endless entertainment options along with easy connectivity to keep you engaged during drives.
  • Safety and Technology Innovations: Safety isn’t overlooked either; it boasts numerous airbags alongside advanced driver assistance technologies ensuring everyone inside is well protected.
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With these attributes combined under one roof – or in this case chassis – it’s clear why the Range Rover Long Wheel Base (LWB) captures hearts as not just any luxury suv but an embodiment of sophistication on wheels.

Technical Specifications: Engine, Performance, and More

The Dynamic SE variant of the Range Rover Sport will be offered with a 3.0-litre petrol or diesel powertrain, with a price tag of Rs 1.40 crore, resulting in a significant saving of up to Rs 29 lakh. The full-size Range Rover is available in two trims: the 3.0 Diesel LWB HSE, priced at Rs 2.36 crore, and the 3.0 Petrol LWB Autobiography, priced at Rs 2.60 crore (all prices are ex-showroom), with discounts of up to Rs 56 lakh on both models. While some variants will still be imported as completely built units (CBUs), the local assembly initiative will be handled by JLR’s Pune facility, which currently assembles the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Land Rover Discovery Sport, and Jaguar F-Pace. India is the first market where JLR has taken the step to locally assemble both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.

Safety and Technology Innovations in the Latest Model

The Range Rover LWB is packed with the latest safety and tech features, making sure everyone inside is safe and comfy. Let’s dive into some of these cool features you’ll find in this model:

  • Safety Features: This car has got it all when it comes to keeping you safe. It’s loaded with airbags everywhere, top-notch braking systems, and controls that help keep the car stable if things get dicey.
  • Infotainment System: Inside, there’s an awesome infotainment system that keeps you connected without a hitch. Whether you need directions or just want to jam out to your favorite tunes, its easy-to-use screen has got your back.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: On long trips? The Range Rover LWB steps up with gadgets like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind-spot monitoring to make driving less of a chore.

With such attention on safety and technology goodies like airbags for protection during crashes or an infotainment system for entertainment on the go; driving or riding in a Range Rover means being secure while staying plugged into what matters most.


Wrapping things up, the “Make in India” campaign has really made a difference for folks here by starting to make Range Rover LWB locally. This means better quality and more choices on how you want it customized, quicker times getting your car delivered, and good stuff like creating jobs. On top of that, buyers might see prices drop by as much as 56 lakhs making this luxury SUV easier to get. The Range Rover LWB shines with its list of features offering top-notch comfort, cutting-edge tech, and new safety measures; it’s a standout choice in India now. By doing this, we’re meeting international standards and encouraging other high-end brands to think about making their products here too – which is great news for both shoppers and the business world alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Range Rover LWB Unique in the Indian Market?

In the Indian market, the Range Rover LWB really shines because it brings together luxury, performance, and British craftsmanship in a unique way. By assembling models locally, they make it possible for customers in India to enjoy the unmatched comfort and lavishness of a Range Rover without having to spend as much money.

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How Does the “Make in India” Initiative Affect Car Prices?

The “Make in India” campaign directly affects the cost of cars. When companies build vehicles right here in India, they spend less on making them. This means they can lower the prices for people buying cars. It’s not just about making luxury cars easier to get; it also helps our economy by supporting local factories and creating more jobs.

Can We Expect More Luxury Brands to Manufacture Locally?

The “Make in India” campaign has really kicked off, and now we’re seeing Range Rover LWB models being made right here. This could lead to a trend where more luxury brands decide to set up shop locally. With the Indian market getting bigger and people wanting more high-end cars, these luxury names might see the advantage of making their vehicles in India to meet this growing demand.

What Are the Warranty and Service Options for Range Rover LWB in India?

In India, if you buy a Range Rover LWB, Land Rover will take care of it with some great warranty and service options. You can find out all about what’s covered under the warranty and the kind of after-sales service you’ll get by visiting any authorized Land Rover dealership. With this support, customers can look forward to keeping their Range Rovers in top shape for a long time, ensuring they perform at their best.

How Will the Price Drop Influence the Resale Value of Range Rover Models?

With Range Rover models being made locally, the cost going down could actually make them worth more when it’s time to sell. By having prices that are more in line with what people want to pay, folks might be more interested in picking up a Range Rover from the used car market. But remember, how much you can get for these cars later on isn’t just about their price; other things happening in the market play a part too.

Are There Any Special Financing Options Available for Buyers?

If you’re thinking about getting a Range Rover LWB, you might have some cool financing options and special deals waiting for you from Land Rover or their authorized dealers. These offers could make it easier to get your dream car by giving you more flexibility and nice interest rates. For all the details on what’s available, just reach out to a Land Rover dealership.

What Customization Options Are Available for the Indian Market?

In India, Range Rover LWB models come with a bunch of ways to make them your own. You can pick from different colors for the outside, various trims for the inside, and some extra goodies too. If you pop into a Land Rover dealership, they’ll fill you in on all the choices you have so that your Range Rover really shows off who you are.

How Does Range Rover LWB Compare with Other Luxury SUVs in Its Class?

The Range Rover LWB really shines among luxury SUVs because it brings together top-notch luxury, performance, and the fine touch of British craftsmanship. With its improved quality, plenty of ways to make it your own, and a more appealing price tag, this Range Rover stands tall against other fancy rides when you think about what you’re getting for your money and how great it feels to own one.


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