Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 & AMG S 63 E Launched in India With Pricing From 3.33 Crores

Mercedes AMG S 63 & GLS 600

Mercedes has just rolled out the Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E in India, with starting prices at a whopping 3.33 crores. For those eyeing the Maybach GLS, it comes with some neat exterior tweaks, better interior choices, and an improved 4.0-litre V8 engine under its hood. On the other hand, taking pride as the top model of the S-Class lineup is the AMG S 63 E which boasts a plug-in hybrid version of that same powerful engine. Both these models are all about offering unmatched luxury, comfort to sink into, and performance that’s hard to beat in their segment. And for folks looking to add their personal touch? There are plenty of ways to customize your ride exactly how you like it. As for when you can get your hands on them or what they’ll set you back here in India—that’s been made clear too.


The famous German luxury carmaker, Mercedes-Benz, has just introduced two new models to the Indian market – the Maybach GLS 600 and the AMG S 63 E. These top-of-the-line SUVs are all about opulence, comfort, and high performance, highlighting Mercedes’ commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship.

With prices starting at 3.33 crores, both the Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E aim to attract India’s most affluent buyers who seek nothing but the best. Their eye-catching design combined with cutting-edge features and robust engines delivers a driving experience that stands out in India’s luxury car scene.

In this blog post we’ll dive deep into what makes these vehicles so special by exploring their main attractions including design elements ,features they come equipped with ,their performance on road as well as how much they will set you back financially . This should give you a comprehensive view of what these luxurious behemoths from Mercedes have in store.

Unveiling the Luxury Titans: Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 & AMG S 63 E

Mercedes has once again outdone itself by introducing the Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E in India. These vehicles stand at the pinnacle of luxury and power, highlighting Mercedes’ dedication to being top-notch and innovative.

With the Maybach GLS 600 leading as their premier SUV, it offers an ideal mix of opulence and usefulness. Its sophisticated look, roomy inside, and high-tech features push forward what we expect from a luxury car. Meanwhile, the AMG S 63 E brings together strength and smart technology in a way that redefines performance for its class.

Both these models are packed with modern advancements in car engineering and design. This makes them shining examples of what Mercedes aims for – unmatched excellence. Let’s take a closer look at these giants of luxury to see how they differ from others on the market.

Key Features and Innovations

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E are loaded with cool features that make driving them a real treat. Let’s dive into what makes these cars so special.

For starters, the Maybach GLS comes with fancy alloy wheels, a rear seat that not only has ventilation but also gives you massages, and even a spot to keep your drinks cold. With its rear suspension system, rides are super smooth and comfy. Plus, it can turn on a dime which is great for tight spots. The cruise control is perfect for those long trips where you just want to relax. And don’t forget about the shock absorber system that keeps everything steady.

On the other hand, the AMG S 63 E focuses more on power with its strong V8 engine giving lots of torque; this car really moves! It has a big fuel tank too so you can go far without stopping for gas all the time. Its top speed is something else – fast doesn’t even begin to cover it! For handling curves like a pro there’s front suspension technology at work here making sure things stay stable no matter how sharp you turn while offering plenty of boot space means packing luggage isn’t an issue either.

In essence both these models from Mercedes – be it luxury-focused maybach gls or performance-driven amg – offer experiences behind wheel unlike any other thanks their thoughtful combination comfort enhancing innovations cutting-edge tech ensuring every drive memorable one

Exclusive Insights into Mercedes Maybach GLS 600

Mercedes GLS 600

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is an SUV that really knows how to mix style, comfort, and power all into one. Being the top-of-the-line SUV from Mercedes, it’s setting new highs in luxury.

When we talk about its looks and coziness, the Maybach GLS 600 sports a new grille look and a bumper makeover for a more eye-catching vibe. At the back, there are updated LED tail-lights and special exhaust tips just for this model which boost its classy feel. This SUV comes with big 22-inch wheels as standard but you can go even bigger with optional 23-inch classic Maybach wheels.

Inside this ride, everything screams luxury aimed at making both drivers and passengers feel like royalty. The back seats steal the show here; they come with cool features like air cooling, massage options, and they lean back quite far – up to almost half way! Plus there’s stuff like leg rests that pop out,a tablet built into an armrest that folds down,two screens on the backs of seats,and a fancy sound system by Burmester.

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On performance grounds,the maybach gls has got some serious muscle under its hood thanks to a V8 engine boosted by twin turbos giving off 557 HP alongwith torque hitting770 Nm.Adding more oomph is another motor helping out with extra horsepower (22 HP)and torque(250Nm).This beast works alongsidea nine-speed gearboxand wheel drive,to shoot from zero to100 km/hrin less than five seconds,topping speeds at250km/hr

In essence,the MercedesMay bachGLS600is where amazing craftsmanship meets absolute relaxation pairedwith strong performance,makingit atop-notchluxury suv

Design and Comfort That Sets New Standards

When it comes to design and comfort, the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 sets new standards in the luxury SUV segment. The vehicle has been meticulously crafted to offer a luxurious and comfortable experience for both the driver and passengers.

Starting with the exterior, the Maybach GLS 600 features a refreshed grille and a redesigned bumper, giving it a more dynamic and elegant look. The rear end of the vehicle sports new LED tail-lamps and Maybach-specific tailpipes, adding to its overall sophistication. The SUV rides on standard 22-inch multi-spoke wheels, while 23-inch classic deep-dish monobloc Maybach wheels are available as an optional upgrade, further enhancing the vehicle’s presence on the road.

Moving to the interior, the Maybach GLS 600 offers a range of features and amenities that ensure a luxurious and comfortable ride. The rear seats are the highlight of the vehicle, providing ventilation, massage functions, and a recline angle of up to 43.5 degrees. The SUV also comes with an extendable leg rest, a central tablet on the fold-down armrest, twin rear 11.6-inch MBUX screens, and a 590W Burmester 3D surround sound system.

In addition to these features, the Maybach GLS 600 offers a range of customization options, allowing buyers to personalize their vehicles according to their preferences. From choosing the exterior paint color to selecting the interior upholstery and trim options, buyers have the freedom to create a vehicle that reflects their individual style.

Overall, the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 sets new standards in design and comfort, offering a luxurious and indulgent experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Performance Metrics That Impress

Talking about how well it performs, the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 really lives up to expectations. Under its hood, there’s a beefy 4.0-litre V8 engine with twin turbochargers that kicks out a hefty 557 horsepower and delivers a peak torque of 770 Nm. This engine has been tweaked and improved for top-notch power and quick acceleration, making every drive thrilling.

On top of its robust engine, the Maybach GLS 600 is fitted with a hybrid feature – a 48V integrated starter generator that boosts the power by an additional 22 HP and brings another 250 Nm of torque into play. This setup doesn’t just bump up performance; it also makes the SUV more fuel-efficient and kinder to our planet.

For getting all this power smoothly to each wheel, it uses a nine-speed automatic gearbox ensuring gear changes you barely notice. The SUV is also kitted out with adaptive dampers as standard equipment which fine-tune suspension settings on-the-fly for unbeatable handling comfort no matter where you’re driving.

With these specs under its belt, this luxury beast can sprint from standstill to100 km/hr in merely4 .9 seconds – proof if ever neededofits formidable speedand agility.Onthe road,itcan hita maximum velocityof250km /hr , placingitamongthefastest high-end SUVSyou can find today .

In essence,theMaybachGL S60 offersan exceptional blendofstrength,speed,and sophistication,makingita standout performerinthe realmofluxurySU Vs .

The Powerhouse: Mercedes AMG S 63 E Performance Overview

Mercedes AMG S 63 E

The Mercedes AMG S 63 E stands out in the S-Class lineup as a top-tier model that perfectly marries power, efficiency, and luxury. It’s powered by a plug-in hybrid system featuring a 4.0-litre V8 engine, ensuring an exciting ride that will catch the attention of car lovers everywhere.

With its setup combining a twin-turbocharged V8 and an electric motor on the back wheel drive axle plus a sizable battery pack, this car is no slouch. The electric part alone pumps out 190 HP and adds to an overall might of 802 HP with torque reaching up to 1430 Nm. This lets it zoom from zero to km/h in just over three seconds – proof of what it can do on the road.

For those who love tech in their cars, the AMG S 63 E doesn’t disappoint with its nine-speed gearbox and all-wheel-drive courtesy of Mercedes’ own system alongside features like “Race Start” for quicker takeoffs. Drivers get eight modes to choose from for driving including one that’s fully electric allowing you travel up to km without using any gas at speeds capped at km/hr.

On handling fronts too, this vehicle shines thanks to rear-axle steering offering precise control angles up till degrees , air suspension for smooth rides even when speeding along bends or straight paths active roll bars which adjust based on how you’re driving ,and if chosen carbon ceramic brakes giving better stopping power . All these contribute towards making every drive feel responsive yet comfortable letting drivers truly enjoy what this high-performance engine has got under its hood .

In essence,the Mercedes AMG S63E combines stellar engineering feats from mercedes with cutting-edge hybrid technology resulting into something not only powerful but also luxurious making it stand tall as performance icon

Engineering Marvel: What Powers the AMG S 63 E?

The Mercedes AMG S 63 E comes with a cutting-edge plug-in hybrid system that mixes a beefy 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, a powerful electric motor at the back, and a big battery of 13.1kWh. This setup not only gives you amazing speed but also helps save on gas and cuts down on pollution.

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With just the electric motor, you get about 190 horsepower and some serious pulling power of around 320 Nm right off the bat for quick starts. When this is paired up with the V8 engine, together they pump out an eye-watering total of over 800 HP and torque reaching up to an incredible 1430 Nm! Thanks to all this muscle under its hood, it can zoom from zero to km/hr in barely over three seconds – proof if ever needed of its top-notch performance.

For getting all that power smoothly onto the road no matter what’s under your wheels or how twisty things get; there’s a smart nine-speed gearbox working alongside their advanced four-wheel-drive tech called “4Matic”. Plus there’s even this cool feature named “Race Start” which makes sure when you floor it from standstill; you go as fast as possible straight away.

On top of being super speedy though; drivers can switch between different modes depending on whether they want maximum efficiency or full-on power thanks to several driving settings available including one where it runs purely on electricity for distances up to km without needing any fuel at all!

In essence: The engineering behind Mercedes’ AMG S-63-E cleverly blends raw strength with eco-friendliness making every drive something special while keeping versatility front-and-center – truly setting itself apart in terms of what cars are capable these days.

Comparing Titans: Maybach GLS 600 vs AMG S 63 E

Talking about the best in luxury, comfort, and how a car drives, the Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E really stand out from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at these two giants of luxury to see how they compare with each other.

Luxury and Comfort: How They Stack Up

The Maybach GLS 600 and the AMG S 63 E both bring top-notch luxury and comfort to the table, but they do it in their own unique ways. With a focus on creating a lavish and roomy space inside, the Maybach GLS 600 is all about luxury. Meanwhile, for those who love speed and agility, the AMG S 63 E puts performance first.

When we dive into what’s inside these cars, it’s clear that the Maybach GLS has an edge with its fancy features. It spoils passengers with seats that can massage you while letting air through them, lets you lean back quite far (up to 43.5 degrees!), and keeps you entertained with two big screens behind each front seat along with an impressive sound system by Burmester that feels like being at a concert live. This version of Mercedes also lights up in special ways only found in Maybach models adds advanced driving aids known as Level 2 ADAS), plus there’s this Energizing package from Mercedes which makes every ride refreshing.

On another note, if zipping around corners while feeling every bit of power excites you more than sitting back relaxedly does then check out what comes under the hood of an AMG S-63E: A steering wheel designed specifically for racing hearts by AMG itself pedals made just right for quick responses; not forgetting how everything looks cool thanks to some exclusive display themes available only when choosing this model or hybrid options within MBUX software updates provided by Mercedes-Benz themselves! And yes – should one wish even more exclusivity – things like super comfy executive lounge seating arrangements rear entertainment setups or even futuristic augmented reality displays projecting info directly onto your windshield are all possible add-ons here too!

In essence whether someone leans towards enjoying grandeur surrounded by plush interiors offered via something akin to say ‘Maybach’ branded experiences including stuff like rear seats fit for kings & queens aboard any given ‘GLS’, OR prefers getting adrenaline rushes courtesy finely tuned engines readying oneself before hitting tracks perhaps better suited wearing badges reading ‘AMG’ either way rest assured knowing whichever path chosen will indeed lead down roads paved nothing short absolute excellence concerning comforts luxuries alike.

Performance Face-Off: Which Car Leads?

When talking about how well they perform, the AMG S 63 E is ahead because it has a really strong engine and uses hybrid tech. This car can boast about having a total power of 802 HP and torque of 1430 Nm, which lets it speed up from zero to 100 km/hr in just 3.3 seconds. With its maximum speed hitting at 250 km/hr and offering eight different driving modes, driving the AMG S 63 E feels exciting and varied.

On another note, the Maybach GLS 600 gives you a drive that’s all about luxury and comfort. It comes with a powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine under its hood that makes 557 HP along with peak torque being at 770 Nm, not quite catching up to what the AMG offers but still impressive. The focus for this ride isn’t on sheer performance but rather on making sure passengers have an ultra-smooth experience thanks to things like its rear suspension system plus some fancy perks such as seats in the back that recline and even give massages.

In deciding between these two cars – whether you lean towards picking either Maybach GLS or AMG S 63 E – it boils down to what matters more for you personally: If high-speed thrills are your thing then there’s no beating around; go for the AMG model without hesitation! But if cruising in utmost comfort while enjoying luxurious touches is top priority? Then choosing Maybach would be right up your alley.

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Pricing and Availability in India

In India, you can now buy the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E starting at a price of 3.33 crores. The cost might change based on how you want to customize your car.

For those interested, the Maybach GLS is up for grabs at 3.35 crores, and if you’re looking into the AMG S 63 E, it’s slightly less at 3.30 crores. There’s also a special Edition 1 variant of the AMG that goes for about 3.80 crores but remember these are just starting prices without including any extra charges like city or state taxes.

With both models ready to be driven off from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships all over India, anyone keen can pop by their local dealer to set up a test drive or see what kind of personal touches they can add to make these luxury vehicles even more unique.


To wrap things up, the introduction of the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E in India is really kicking off a new chapter for high-end cars. These models come packed with advanced features that set a new standard for comfort and performance. They’re all about luxury and top-of-the-line engineering. For buyers who like their car to have a personal touch, there are plenty of customization options available. From hybrid technology to unbeatable safety features, these vehicles mix luxury with innovation beautifully. The price tag reflects their unique status, making them really stand out from the crowd. If you’re after an exceptional driving experience, then look no further than the maybach GLS and AMG versions by Mercedes; they promise not just to meet but surpass your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes These Models Stand Out in the Luxury Segment?

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and the AMG S 63 E really shine in the world of fancy cars for a few big reasons. For starters, they’re made by Mercedes, a top-notch German luxury carmaker that’s all about amazing craftsmanship and engineering skills. This means you can expect nothing but top-quality and great performance from these models.

What are the key features of the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E?

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and the AMG S 63 E are equipped with the newest MBUX software version, includes a fingerprint sensor and hand gesture controls for ease of use. The back seats aren’t just comfortable; they come with ventilation and massage options plus they can lean back up to 43.5 degrees! There are other exciting features, read the blog for more information.

What are some of the advanced technology and safety features available in these models?

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and the AMG S 63 E are both packed with cutting-edge tech and safety stuff. With the Maybach GLS, you get the newest MBUX software, a fingerprint sensor for extra security, hand gesture controls for ease of use, and Level 2 ADAS to help keep things safe on the road. It’s also kitted out with air springs and adaptive dampers that make sure your ride is smooth no matter where you’re headed. On top of this, it has suspension features designed to adjust to how you drive.

How does the pricing of these models compare to similar luxury vehicles in India?

In India, when you look at the cost of really fancy cars, Mercedes has made sure their Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E stand out without being too hard on your wallet. With a price tag of Rs. 3.35 crores for the Maybach GLS and Rs. 3.30 crores for the AMG S 63 E Performance, they’re placed right up there in the top-tier luxury category. They offer some cool advanced features and strong performance that’s pretty much on par with what other high-end vehicles are asking for.

Are there customization options available for the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E?

For those eyeing the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 or AMG S 63 E, there’s good news. You can make these cars truly your own with a bunch of customization options at your fingertips. With choices ranging from dual-tone paint jobs to various wheel designs and even picking out what materials you want for the interior trim and upholstery, creating a one-of-a-kind luxury ride is all in a day’s work. This way, every buyer gets to tailor their vehicle just how they like it, ensuring each drive is as unique as they are.

What kind of maintenance schedule is recommended for these high-end Mercedes models?

For those fancy Mercedes cars like the Maybach GLS 600 and AMG S 63 E, it’s a good idea to stick to a regular check-up plan. This means doing what the maker suggests, which is usually getting your car checked every 10,000 to 15,000 km or once each year—whichever happens first.


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