6 Different Colour Options for Mahindra Thar Including Deep Forest Launched. Check Out Now!

Mahindra Thar Deep Forest

Mahindra has just rolled out a new colour for the Thar SUV, named Deep Forest. This adds to their already colorful lineup which includes Stealth Black, Deep Grey, Everest White, Red Rage, and Desert Fury. The shade of Deep Forest is quite similar to the dark green used by the Indian Armed Forces. It gives the Thar an impressive look on roads.

With this addition of Deep Forest into its palette, Mahindra’s Thar now boasts six different exterior colours for customers to choose from. This new colour not only boosts its visual charm but also makes it more distinctive among other vehicles.

The introduction of this unique hue further solidifies the Thar’s position as a favorite among those who love off-roading and seeking adventures.


The Mahindra Thar has been a go-to for those who love adventure and tough terrains, and it just got cooler with the introduction of a new colour option called Deep Forest. This fresh addition joins the already vibrant range of colours available for the Thar, offering buyers more ways to make their ride unique. Known for its standout design and ability to conquer off-road challenges, the Thar’s look is now even more appealing with Deep Forest.

For folks who crave adventures on rough paths, the Thar stands out as an ideal pick. Thanks to its strong engine, 4×4 capabilities, and sturdy construction, this vehicle doesn’t back down from any challenge. And with Deep Forest in its colour lineup, it’s not just about performance anymore; this vehicle also turns heads with its looks.

On top of being an eye-catcher on streets before adding Deep Forest into mix took things up a notch visually speaking dark green hue fits perfectly well enhancing that bold muscular vibe giving anyone behind wheel sense command wherever they go whether cruising city streets or venturing into wild outdoors driving Mahindra thar painted deep forest will definitely grab attention

Unveiling New Shades: Mahindra Thar’s Colour Palette Expansion

Deep Forest
Deep Grey
Desert Fury
Everest White
Red Rage
Stealth Black

Mahindra has spiced up the Thar SUV by adding new colors to its lineup, including the standout Deep Forest. This particular shade is a nod to the dark green used by the Indian Armed Forces, making the Thar look both commanding and robust. Along with Deep Forest, you can now pick from other eye-catching options like Desert Fury, Stealth Black, Red Rage, Everest White, and Deep Grey. Each color brings something special to the table for Thar’s design which is already quite striking. This means customers have a variety of choices that let them match their car with their own style and personality.

Feature Highlights of the Mahindra Thar in New Colours

The Mahindra Thar isn’t just catching eyes with its new colour options; it’s also loaded with cool features. For starters, the Thar comes equipped with a roll cage that adds an extra layer of safety and protection when you’re out exploring off-road. On top of that, having power windows makes using the Thar super convenient. All these features, along with the fresh colour choices, really set the Mahindra Thar apart as a great pick for anyone in search of a capable and good-looking SUV.

Interior and Exterior Features That Stand Out

When talking about what makes the Mahindra Thar really stand out, it’s not just one thing but a whole bunch of cool features on both the inside and outside. The Thar has this tough yet stylish look that’s pretty hard to miss. Here are some things that make the Thar unique:

  • With a roll cage included, you get extra safety and protection when you’re driving off-road.
  • It also has power windows which means opening and closing your windows is super easy—just push a button.
  • There’s even a tyre pressure monitoring system in place to help you keep an eye on your tyre pressure, making sure your ride runs smoothly.
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All these features, plus some exciting new colour options thrown into the mix, turn the Mahindra Thar into this versatile SUV perfect for any adventure.

Performance and Engine Specs Across Colours

The Mahindra Thar comes with a bunch of choices to match what you like. If you’re into petrol or diesel, or if you prefer driving stick shift or just letting the car do its thing with an automatic transmission, the Thar’s got something for everyone. When it comes to what’s under the hood, there are three engine options:

  • For those who lean towards diesel, there’s a 1.5-litre engine that pushes out 118 PS and can go for about 15.2 km on a litre.
  • If petrol is more your style, they offer a 2-litre turbo-petrol engine cranking out 150 PS while giving back around 11 km per litre.
  • And then there’s another option for diesel fans – a bigger 2.2-litre engine producing132 PS and also doing about15 .kmpl.

With these strong engines and choice between manual or automatic gears,the Mahindra ensures every drive is exciting,no matter which colour of thar catches your eye

Comparing Engine Options for the Adventurous Driver

If you love hitting the road less traveled, the Mahindra Thar has got just what you need with its variety of engine choices. Whether you’re all about diesel’s strength and grunt or prefer petrol’s smooth vibes, there’s something for everyone. Let’s break down what each engine brings to the table:

  • With a 1.5-litre diesel under the hood, expect to go far without frequent fuel stops thanks to its focus on mileage and torque. It strikes a nice balance for those who want power but don’t want to guzzle gas.
  • On another note, if zippy acceleration gets your heart racing, then the 2-litre turbo-petrol is your match. This one promises fun drives with quick responses and plenty of oomph.
  • For adventurers needing that extra push over rugged landscapes or when hauling heavy loads, stepping up to the 2.2-litre diesel makes sense. It shines in tough spots where low-end grunt is key.

Choosing any engine option from Thar means signing up for excitement and capability no matter where your journey takes you.

Fuel Efficiency and Off-Road Capabilities

The Mahindra Thar isn’t just about looking good and driving fast; it’s also pretty kind to your wallet when it comes to fuel. No matter if you’re cruising through the city or taking on wild paths less traveled, this ride makes sure you’re not guzzling gas like there’s no tomorrow. Depending on what’s under the hood and how it sends power to the wheels, here’s how far the Thar can go on a liter of fuel:

  • With its 1.5-litre diesel heart, expect to cover around 15.2 km.
  • Opt for the zippy 2-litre turbo-petrol engine, and you’ll get about 11 km per litre.
  • The beefier 2.2-litre diesel version also stretches out to about 15.2 km per litre.
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But wait, there’s more! Beyond saving at the pump, where this beast really shines is off-road adventures thanks to its sturdy four-wheel drive system that lets you tackle tough terrains with ease—be they rocky inclines or slippery creek crossings—the Thar has got your back every step of the way.

Market Position: Thar’s Competitors and Price Range

In the world of off-road SUVs, the Mahindra Thar is up against some tough competition. This includes well-known models like the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, Jeep Wrangler, and Tata Nano Vibes. Each one brings something special to the table for different kinds of buyers. Despite this stiff competition, the Thar has managed to stand out and build a dedicated fan base thanks to its sturdy look, ability to handle rough terrain with ease, and pricing that doesn’t break the bank. Known for giving you a lot of bang for your buck, it offers an attractive deal in a price range that’s pretty easy on your wallet.

Where Does Thar Stand Among Its Rivals?

The Mahindra Thar holds its own in the competitive SUV market and stands out among its rivals. Here’s a comparison of the Thar with its closest competitors:

Mahindra TharMaruti Suzuki JimnyJeep WranglerMahindra Scorpio
Rugged designCompact and stylishIconic and ruggedMuscular and commanding
Off-road capabilitiesLimited off-road capabilitiesExcellent off-road capabilitiesLimited off-road capabilities
Range of engine optionsLimited engine optionsLimited engine optionsLimited engine options
Variety of colour optionsLimited colour optionsWide range of colour optionsLimited colour options

Despite strong competition, the Thar offers a unique combination of ruggedness, off-road capabilities, and a wide range of engine and colour options, making it a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts.

Price Comparison and Value Proposition

When we talk about the cost, Mahindra Thar really stands out for its price. You can get started with a Thar for about Rs 11.35 lakh (ex-showroom), which is pretty good considering what you’re getting into. With its tough look, ability to handle rough terrains, and all the cool stuff it comes with, the Thar gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re in search of something that’s both fun off-road and looks sharp on city streets, then the Thar has got you covered from both angles. To see what this SUV is all about and feel its mix of power and flair firsthand, just swing by any Mahindra showroom near you.


There’s something really special about the Mahindra Thar in Deep Forest Green. This color isn’t just any green; it makes the already tough-looking Thar even more stylish, helping it to grab attention wherever it goes. With some cool updates on both the outside and inside, this shade perfectly matches the adventurous vibe of the Thar. It’s not just about looks though; with its strong performance and ability to handle rough paths, driving a Deep Forest Green Thar is an experience that turns heads. Whether you’re tackling difficult roads or just driving around town, choosing this color takes your Mahindra Thar’s style and excitement up a notch. So why not check out the Deep Forest Green option? It’s your ticket to combining adventure with flair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Deep Forest Colour Be Customized Further?

Indeed, you can tweak the Deep Forest colour to suit your taste. By heading over to a Mahindra showroom close by in Pune or New Delhi, you’ll find various ways to personalize your Thar. The folks at the showroom are there to walk you through everything and assist in crafting a distinct appearance for your Thar decked out in Deep Forest colour.

What Makes the Mahindra Thar a Good Choice for Off-Road Enthusiasts?

Off-road lovers really like the Mahindra Thar because it’s great at handling tough paths, thanks to its 4×4 drivetrain and sturdy look. It’s made for tackling difficult ground and offers a thrilling ride when off-roading. With unique features and design touches, the Thar Earth Edition takes the adventurous vibe of the Mahindra Thar up a notch.

What are the color options available for the Mahindra Thar?

The Mahindra Thar comes in several cool colors like Deep Forest, Red Rage, Everest White, Desert Fury, Stealth Black, and Deep Grey. With these color choices, everyone can pick the one that fits their taste and style best. Each shade gives the Thar a special look that makes it stand out.

How does the color of a vehicle impact its resale value?

The colour you pick for your vehicle can somewhat affect how much money it might fetch when you decide to sell it. Colours that a lot of people like, such as white, black, and silver, usually hold their value better because they’re seen as more classic and appeal to a wider audience. But remember, what individuals prefer and the current trends matter too. So when picking out the colour for your car, think about several things before making up your mind.

Are there any maintenance considerations specific to certain colors of the Mahindra Thar?

Taking care of a Mahindra Thar means paying attention to its color, especially since some colors need more work than others. For instance, with darker shades such as Deep Forest, you might notice scratches and marks a bit more. To keep these colours looking good and lasting long, it’s important to stick to regular cleaning routines that include washing, waxing, and protecting the paint.

Can I customize the color of my Mahindra Thar after purchase?

After you buy a Mahindra Thar, changing its color is definitely possible. You’ve got plenty of choices for this, like getting a professional paint job or opting for vinyl wraps. But remember, it’s crucial to talk to experts and have the work done by skilled people. This way, you make sure your Thar’s look stays top-notch without harming the original paint quality.

Can I see visual representations of each color option available for the Mahindra Thar?

For sure, if you’re curious about how the Mahindra Thar looks in various colors, there’s a way to check them out. At Mahindra showrooms, they have these brochures and pictures showing off the Thar in different shades. This helps you see what each color really looks like on it. By visiting your closest Mahindra showroom, you can get an even closer look and feel for which colour suits your style best.


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